Royalty Free Stock Vector Clipart by Zooco

  1. Infatuated Gorilla Hugging a Giraffe on White
  2. Amorous Leggy Green Frog
  3. Infatuated Pig Smiling on White
  4. Grinning Courting Man Holding a Single Red Rose
  5. Black Spider Trying to Seduce a Mate
  6. Human Heart in Love and Dancing with a Brain
  7. Sad Broken Hearted and Money Seeking Piggy Banks
  8. Orange Butterfly Couple Flying Together
  9. Orange Butterfly Pair
  10. Female Praying Mantis Luring in Her Male Victim
  11. Male Prisoner Shackled to a Heart
  12. The Big Bad Wolf Taking Red Riding Hood
  13. Leggy Frog Under a Heart
  14. Frog Waving Under a Heart
  15. Leggy Green Frog Grinning Under a Red Heart
  16. Smiling Happy Elephant Floating with a Heart
  17. Sad Broken Hearted Pig Crying
  18. Sad Broken Hearted Frog Crying
  19. Broken Hearted Frog Crying and Holding His Heart
  20. Happy Infatuated Pig Smiling
  21. Broken Hearted Pig Crying and Frowning
  22. Goofy Cow with Unbridled Passion
  23. Cute Romantic Frog Watching a Flying Hear
  24. Romantic Ant Carrying a Heart to the Right
  25. Romantic Cows Talking and Farting About Love
  26. Valentine Frog with a Heart